Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Little Pony Party

Happy Birthday, Mae!
Our little girl turned two!   In honor of such an adventure mommy through her a small family gathering which was mostly centered around cake!   There were snacks and presents, and all the fun things that often come with parties - but mostly it was low key and time with family - and cake.

I love to try to new things with each of my kid's birthday cakes and this year was no exception although I wasn't really sure for a while what I would do.   I had seen several things that I had been wanting to try and so with some artistic direction from the birthday girl  herself a plan was formed!  I knew I wanted to do the sprinkles on top with the void forming the #2 - it was easy simply cut out a piece of cardstock the shape that you want to remain and the cover the thing in sprinkles like crazy!  Remove cardstock, touch up the frosting and wala - easy decor (and yummy too!) 

Mae from the early times of knowing that she was going to have a party wanted two things:  birday cake and Uncle Kai!   When asked what color cake she alternated for several weeks between purpul and geeeeen.   Although the final days leading up to the party she also wanted booo as well.   So I decided to solve that problem and test out the fun marble effect of a rainbow cake!


She would have easily eaten the whole cake if allowed!

The rainbow cake making was pretty easy although multiple steps - I broke out 6 solo-cups and 6 spoons.  Mixed two boxes of white cake mix together and then separated them into the 6 cups (there was some leftover so that in the event I needed to make more of a certain color I had the option later and so it stayed in the mixing bowl.)    Then I grabbed my assortment of food coloring.    The purple I used from the neon package but it was too light so I added a few drops of blue to punch it up some.   The orange, yellow, red were all from the Wilton gel dyes that pack a bit more vibrancy than the droplet dye does.  My green Wilton gel was gross (and old, I suspect as old as the Dinosaur Cake of 2010) so I had to go with the dropper dye for it.  Then all I did was take my three baking pans and put in about a third of the solo cup into each one.   Now for the top and bottom layers I kinda put some in as I saw fit, the middle layer I poured it directly on top of one another and then baked it.  No stirring, just toss it in and wala rainbow cake. :)  

We were all so excited to eat the cake (and as you see above Mae had already tried to start with the licking of it) that as we're munching on it Uncle Kai made note that we had forgotten to sing and blow out candles.  Oops indeed we had!  :)  So we just stuck a couple in and did it then.  Why not?  

She was so cute watching everyone sing to her!

After cake, presents were opened. :)   Mae was blessed by many and she got a lot of fun things and she was quite happy to dress up, play with, and assign differernt family members to open them! :)

Then there was lots of playing to be had! Followed by a nap for Mae Mae!! :)


Post nap there was even more fun to be had! :)

Best birthday present of all, her uncle!

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