Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Quit...

I always wonder what people stand for in life. Do my principals truly seem egregious and offensive to others? Or do they merely cause them strife because they recognize flaws in their own. I am the last (or I try) to be arrogant in thinking that my way is the only way. I fully understand that all individuals will make up their own minds in life and do what they believe to be best (right or wrong) and that is what I recently did. I quit my job.

Many people are aware of what my work situation has been over this last year. A great place to learn and grow as a paralegal and attorney, a place I could find comfort with coworkers and a place I developed some true friendships. More often than not a great place to work and sometimes even, call home. I spent many hours work related and social with all of my coworkers, and I appreciated them all until a fateful series of events occurred that caused me to lose trust and respect for a few select parties. One particular individual lost my respect, trust, and ability to be socially civil to her due to her horrific attempts to tear apart a family, just for the hell of it. I'm not sure how I truly got in the middle of that… but I was… perhaps by what was going on in front of my face daily or perhaps because I so truly wanted to believe in the other parties and help them move past it all… I don't know either way I was involved.
I put up with a lot over these last eight months. I have been verbally assaulted, professionally plotted against, and told to be a team player through it all – and for whatever those choices were: good or bad, I played. Last week however was my attempt to play by their rules. This particular woman quit herself, mostly for show and disruption, maybe she truly meant it… but the proverbial straw that broke MY back was when she was begged to come back. This woman has lied (admittedly for sport in the office) she has attempted to break up a marriage, she has talked down to everyone in the office at how she is superior to them… the list and abhorrent behavior could go on… but I digress, because what good does it do? None. And so, I quit.

Yes, I was emotional, but I could no longer deal with the "turning of the cheek" concept anymore. I took a stand, (I've been told I issued an ultimatum) and informed the partners that if she came back that I would quit… and well, I've quit so you can only imagine what occurred. The only regret I have is that I've left the others behind, the others that have to continue to work in this bent environment. Where deceit is rewarded and the almighty dollar is more important than family and honesty. For me it's not. I love the work, I love (most) of the people, and I loved my job… but with that woman there it was nothing like working side by side the devil all day long. And when the light at the end of the tunnel (her quitting) turned out to be the damn train coming to full speed ahead to crush me, I jumped off the tracks.

I wish this firm the best, I hope that they see what she truly is, and I do hope it's before she does something damaging for them. I didn't quit this job so that they could see that I'm worth keeping more than her. I didn't do this out of spite, I did this for me because it no longer felt like a good thing going to work. It hadn't for a long time… but I wanted to be there for others.
So to those others… I wish you all the best, try to stay strong. Do your jobs to the best of your ability and know that I am just a phone call away… because now I can be a lady who lunches!

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