Friday, April 29, 2005

The Interview

It's been an insane week of winding down and running out of time... and amid that was my interview at the college. I was asked to run a debate, critique a debate (NO PROBLEM) give a brief lecture (extemp style, I had 7 minutes) and then have an hour interview in front of facutly - which was roughly 8 people that showed up to grill me. It went E-MAZINGLY. I actually interviewed for 1/2 facutly position, but I sorta edged in the idea that 3/4 position would be equally as exciting and that I would love to do it! Theoretically that would mean more money, and the position is available, so I don't see why they wouldn't want to give it me, I'm great... err ok enough overthetop bigheadedness. Seriously the interview was fantabulous, I gave my testimony, talked about my teaching philosophy, where I expect to see a team after the first year... how I first heard about the college.

The debate was awesome, these students are going to rock with a little training. They debated "Home Schooling Should Be Banned" It was interesting. Pretty decent clash for such little instruction provided throughout the semester. Everyone is excited about having the team and joining it. It sounds like we have a commitment of about 9 right now. I am so excited for next year!

Regarding this year. I have a final on Sunday (MY VERY LAST) and one last paper to turn in on Tuesday and then I am done.

Palz I think that we're doing a mild party here at my place around 4:30 on Saturday after the OH SO EXCITING GRADUATION CEREMONY (Which all are invited to, but those things are not much fun, I know I've been to all of yours! jk)

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