Sunday, December 1, 2013

Project 365 - November

There is much to blog about!  Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the start of the new Christmas Season!  Much to come!  However, I thought I'd give you an update on my first month complete on my Project 365.    So far so good! 

There were a couple of days I didn't pick up my big camera and didn't  intentionally take a shot with the project in mind, leading me to use a cell phone shot that was the best option at the time.  There were days that I used my cell phone for the macro features and love those shots! Here and here those can be found.  I am really enjoying looking at things differently!   My favorite picture if I am forced to choose was probably this one as this project was what caused me to push to do the mini-shoot and to have fun with a surprisingly willing participant!

If you haven't hopped over to that page you can do that here.    If you'd prefer to wait I'll attempt to keep these collages coming each month - although 30(ish) pictures gets a little tight, so to see them in all their full sized glory go to the other page and you can always do that by clicking the button at the top labeled '365'!

Happy December, everyone!

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