Friday, October 11, 2013

Ten on Ten - October

It's been a long time since I have participated in 10 on 10 and so with my cell phone camera in hand (with the exception of two shots that I was trying my macro lens filters that ultimately were the wrong size... fooey!!)   I wanted to play with angles, texture, and lighting so some of these photos aren't super awesome - but they were fun to explore exposure and focusing abilities with the cell phone camera.  :)    So for a very wacky look at my day yesterday here it is!
Homework before school

Experiments with milk, food dye, and dish soap for Mae while Ace was in school

A braid for my girl after her shower

Picking up brother from school

Playing with lens filters

Not much in focus, but I love the colors :)

Wacky perspective of watching a movie with the kids :)

Screenshot from the video I filmed of Ace running 100 laps around the house.
(No siblings were injured in the making of this film!)

Date night!   Seeing Gravity with Loving Husband!

Late night happy hour after the movie!

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Mckenzie Monroe said...

love the shoe shot! great set!

Rebekah said...

awesome set - I really love the screenshot of the kids running laps :) so glad you joined in this month!!