Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thirty (One) Months Old

When did my baby girl turn 2.5?   Well it's actually be a few weeks now!  Time seems to be barreling so fast!!  It took me nearly a month to get her 2.5 pictures even taken! (Bad mama!)   I can't believe that my preemie clothes wearing infant is now a chatty, expressive, and opinionated toddler!  Wasn't she just turning two?

Newities in the last six months:  singing, sleeping all night in his own bed exclusively, first haircut, very opinionated on clothing and shoe choices.

Heath wise we have had a wonderful six months!  Sleep wise we also have had a great path to rest in the night as well.    She still is quite the staller for going to bed and in recent months I have been taking pictures of her and having people try to "Find Mae Mae Today!"   She wrecks her room and then snuggles down into a location to sleep.    Whatever works!  It's silly and fun and I am sure she won't be doing it forever so it's something silly to love now. 

Mae still loves to touch Mommy's tummy for comfort.  It's what she replaced mama milk with and while she doesn't do it all the time - it's almost a guarantee she'll ask for my tummy at bedtime.   "I want your tummy."   It's sweet.

Mae at the moment doesn't seem to have many favorites - she loves to read books in brother's bed and most recently watch Silly Songs with Larry on her father's phone before bed, but as far as reading the same book over and over - she hasn't landed on one lately.  She does love Ladybug Girl, Princess stories, and the Bible.  Mae enjoys Doc McStuffin and Lalaloopsy toys.  She still loves to watch Daniel Tiger every chance she gets and loves to answer questions posed to her from Super Why.      Mae is recognizing some letters of the alphabet and can mostly sing the song as well with a few repeats in place of the regular locations.  It's cute.   She recognizes all her colors but doesn't have the names associated with them down yet, but give her the colorpillar and pile of things to sort and she'll properly sort them all.

Little sister does good to keep up with her brother and all his friends.  She doesn't miss a beat in keeping up with them running, playing, or even wrestling from time to time.  It's adorable to see her with all the bigger kids and aside from needing a nap before them, her size and age doesn't slow her down at all!    She loves her brother, but also is quite a standard "little sister" when she wants to be.  She has a banshee scream that can cause anyone to go deaf.  It's impressive that such a loud high pitched noise cmes out of her.   She's got more temper and tantrums than brother did at this age.   She will pout and growl "I'm MAD!" or "I'm frustrated"   It's sweet... sometimes.  :)

Mae got her very first haircut about two months ago.  She was so excited to sit in the big chair and get her hair done and get a lollipop.  She was a good listener and didn't squirm or fuss at all (with the exception of wanting to switch chairs repeatedly to try out a different location.)  

Our little girl continues to grow, be sassy, sound adorable and just be so so sweet and cute.  She will tell you her birthday is in January, she will tell you (and invite you) to her party that mommy is planning for her - and she always talks about being a big girl these day and that when she is bigger SHE will go to preschool, kindergarten, and drink coffee.    We love her and can't wait to see how the rest of her third year unfolds!

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