Friday, May 24, 2013

Sewing Clothes

Yes in recent days I decided to give sewing clothing a try.   For many years now I've been cranking out the quilts and various other items from my sewing machine but I had yet to venture back into the world of clothing (I vaguely recall trying once and it being an utter disaster so I never really went back)   Well with a better machine and a bit more knowledge on the general subject of sewing I thought I'd give it a try.   

I started with the Polly Peasant Dress pattern that I had for a while that seemed super easy with a bit of a twist - I started one morning and by bedtime the dress was complete.    I had to make it a size smaller because the fabric I had wasn't going to stretch to make the 2T but that's ok - Mae is tiny! :)

I gathered all of my supplies and started piecing together the fabric.  Mae also wanted to cut fabric and so I found her some tweezers and some 'fabric' and let her 'cut'  :)  She enjoyed it and then she toddled off to go play with her brother. 

The next day I decided to use the sleeves that I had cut using the same floral fabric and made the blouse version with a straight hem using the same pattern.   It was pretty quick especially since I had tested the pattern the day before and this time I put some elastic in the sleeves. 

Ace was very much paying close attention and wanted me to make him something and so I went to Pinterest and found a very simple pattern for pajama pants!  I went to the store and got some Star Wars fabric, but I was too cheap to buy a whole yard so I only bought half thinking that would be JUST enough... it was barely enough for one leg!  So I went to my fabric closet and found some navy fabric and then went to work doing a little patch work with scraps of the fabric.  I had made the promise that I would make them "before bed" one day and I began after dinner - so they took about an hour from start to finish and they are far from perfect because I was ready for kids to be in bed. :)

Next up was the Lucy Tunic that I made reversible with pockets - Mae loves pockets! Instead of buttons I used my new Snap Source snaps that I just purchased with the attaching tools. 

She really accessorized it on this day! ;)
I have found it a fun activity and both kids are happy to model and wear my clothes. While  I certainly won't stop buying them clothes, this is a fun activity and challenge.  :)   My next few projects are going to be The Pleated Penny Dress and a baby doll carrier for Mae to tote her babies around on her. 

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