Saturday, February 16, 2013

Time to Camp! living room!   Yes, its the middle of winter it's the only place to camp.   We started the tradition of when Loving Husband is away on a mission that the kids get to have a sleepover in our bed.  This time I decided to add a fun twist and I decided to camp in the living room.    I kept the kids downstairs while I set everything up - including starting a fire and making dinner.  

Why yes, I did get this idea from Pinterest!
They were pretty excited to see the surprise and Ace was even more excited to hear that the tent would be where we were enjoying our sleepover for the night!  We ate dinner and enjoyed the fire and after we finished Ace went and picked the movie, he chose E.T..   We broke out the popcorn and enjoyed tent life with a movie.

After E.T. we watched an episode of Rescue Bots and then they Ace easily settled into sleeping.  Mae was a bit more wound up and it took an extra 30 minutes of getting her to finally settle down and crash into a slumber.   Eventually they both were sleeping, the fire died down, and mommy watched a bit more tv on her computer with headphones on before crashing myself.

Everyone slept through the night and even Pixel did a good job throughout the evening (he certainly was a big help eating discarded popcorn that missed little mouths!)  As everyone settled into sleep so did he and did good to keep us company all night long.    It was an excellent sleepover!

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Heather said...

Aw cute!!

We started doing that in our living room, too. Now M begs for it every single weekend. LOL!