Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas at Home

This year our family of four celebrated Christmas on the morning of the 22nd.  Why?  Well because on the morning of the 23rd we were venturing south to spend the holidays with his family down there.   So bright and early on Saturday morning the kids awoke to Christmas morning happily buzzing downstairs with the yule log streaming on an electronic device in the fireplace.  ;-)  It was a fun morning of presents from aunts and uncles and from the family.  It was a lot of fun and kind of exciting that it was a bit early! :)

Pixel enjoyed his first Christmas with us and enjoyed his new bones he got to chew on and was a good puppy avoiding consumption of wrapping paper, new toys, etc..    Mae enjoyed her first Christmas not spend in an ER!   Yes, Mae's second Christmas was much more a traditional fan fare - and yes on our Christmas night we reintroduced the same food to M that caused her allergic reaction (nearly) one year prior.  Don't worry we had a blood test done to determine that M is in fact allergy free from her previous food allergy - something we are extremely thankful for and hooray she loves the food too! :)

She was telling us all about ripping the paper.

Ace had a lovely FIFTH Christmas.   I cannot believe that he's had FIVE Christmases - but as pictured... it's true.  Sigh my how time flies!!!

The kids had a great time - Mae enjoyed PRINTHESSES and the boy LOVED his Hot Wheels racing track that we got them.  There were many MANY more presents from their adoring friends and extended family.    They (and we) are very blessed.    It was a nice day to spend just the four of us (plus Pixel)   :) 

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