Sunday, December 5, 2010

35 Down and 35 To Go

That would be 35 weeks down and 35 days to go! Yep. I thought this date alignment was neat, so I decided to memorialize it with a blog post. Pregnancy has been going well - Mae really is pushing and stretching and is overall angsty to be having less and less room which is causing me some discomfort.

She seems to be all over the place. A few days ago I swore she was going to push herself right on out, she was so low! And the last couple of days, she has been attempting to make an exit through my bottom two right ribs! Ouch on both accounts, although I think I prefer the rib attempts.

Doctor's appointments have been going well. I'm measuring right on time and the last two appointments her heartbeat has been nice and calm. She was 139bmp last Wednesday. We've entered the weekly appointment phase of the program, so we'll be seeing the doctor more and more. Ace does really well at the appointments, and even gets excited to go see 'Mae's Doctor' - it's pretty adorable.

Baby's crown to rump length is 13.4 inches and she weighs about 5.7-6 pounds. I've been pretty steady with my weight gain at an average weight of 3lbs every two weeks. So she's certainly growing away in there. Her fingernails now reach the tips of her fingers and her overall length is around 18.5" - crazy that she fits in there still. :) My belly certainly is smaller than it was with Ace, so our doctor thinks she will be at least a little smaller than Ace was at birth. We'll see!

We are nearing the time that I should start thinking about packing bags and having things ready to go for everyone. This go-around we have to have 3 bags packed. Ours, Mae's, and Ace's. :) Oh boy! Lots to think about and plan for. The doctor isn't so sure we'll have a 2011 baby - so we might have ourselves a post-Christmas December baby!

Ace is still thrilled to be a big brother, and today he wanted to 'rock Sister' so we sat in the rocking chair and he held my tummy and we rocked Sister. He explained to me twice during our less than 2 minute rock that we were rocking Sister not Ace because Ace isn't a baby. Haha fair enough! We'll see how well his interest holds once Mae is on the outside. We visited Pop Pop and Gran last night and his newest cousin was there 11 week Sophie, and he wasn't terribly interested in her. :) Only time will tell!

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